Guest post: Natalie from Style Stun

Our first guest blog post! We are thrilled to have the gorgeous Natalie from Style Stun here. Not only is she a great momma but she has great style, so go check her out. You will not be disappointed! So without further ado, here is Natalie.

Getting dressed, for you…

When I became a momma, (seriously the best thing in the world), I realized just how much I gave to my baby girl..It’s not a regular job, where you do what needs to be done and then you break. It hits you hard and fast when you have that little angel, that they need you for everything in the world and for a long time too. In reality, this is the greatest worth of time spent than in any other avenue.

When Ryan and I moved to Northern California for his internship we left Utah with a 6 week old. For anyone who has had a baby, this is super new especially it being the first baby I had. I was in one 4 credit class through the summer while I had my little newborn and we lived in a brand new, never before experienced area, where we had no one we knew within hours. So as a new momma coming into this with a lot on her plate, you can see how easy it was not to go out and not to get dressed. I literally didn’t know where to go or who to see or what things were even available to me.

I would help my little angel all morning, still in pajamas, and then go right into homework, still in pajamas, while I still was taking care of my baby, and then all of the sudden it would be time for dinner and Ry would be coming home soon..

Most days I literally thought, why should I get dressed or do makeup and hair, if I literally have nothing else going on today besides being at home?? But I noticed a pattern with this state of mind that started to spiral me downward into a depression that was beginning. I really didn’t want to feel sad or depressed, but I felt it coming. So, I talked to my Ry about what I was feeling and he helped me sort through some good options of looking forward to things out and about instead of having nothing. I started to get dressed, hair done and makeup every single day. I did it even if I literally had no plans. After so much thought of getting dressed for going no where and feeling like it would be worthless, I started to get ready every day for me. For me as a mommy and a wife. Because I realized that as I started to get dressed every day for me, I was ready for more opportunities, I felt like a better mommy and wife and I was ready to go out or have someone over, because I was feeling presentable and up for anything.

This skill I learned I have taken with me since. I have seen the joy and blessing it has been and more get done because I realized how valuable it was for me to feel good. The joy of getting me ready and getting Aliah ready too, has become my favorite part of our day. We connect through it and I find so much joy in it. I get so excited about how I get her dressed and done up with me for every new day. I have never felt more joy in anything else in life than in being a wife and mommy. Aliah is the joy of our lives and has brought us more happiness than we could have imagined. So really the effort and work becomes the joy! Get dressed for you. And love it.

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