Guest Post: Karina from Mr. &Mrs. Powell

Hey, Everyone! We have Karina here to guest post today, and we are so excited. She is definitely one mommy blog you want to check out. Her cute family and all their adventures always make for some good reading!

I am so honored to be guest posting today on As Darling Does!
I’m Karina from Mr. & Mrs. Powell.
I am wife and mommy to the two cutest boys and I LOVE my full time mommy job!
Making time for your spouse, or significant other, while balancing parenthood.
My husband and I were married for 2 years before our sweet little Ryan popped out of the womb!
Life became pretty busy when our bundle of joy came into the world!
My husband was in his second year of Law School and I was learning how to be a mother.
As I’m sure you moms can relate, sleep is hard to come by with a newborn :)
My husband and I quickly realized we didn’t get as much “mommy and daddy time”.
My life was revolved around keeping this little guy alive and my husbands life was revolved around keeping our future alive ( grad school ).
Here are 3 things that I have found that have kept our relationship strong through the whole parenting process.
#1. Mommy and Daddy time
My husband and I starting using the phrase “Mommy and Daddy Time”.
This is a phrase that is used DAILY in the Powell home.
Ever since Ryan was little we have tried to keep a schedule with his bedtime and put him to bed early.
Don’t get me wrong we love our child, but “mommy and daddy time” trumps all.
We look forward to it every day and we plan on it.
Phones are off, work and homework is ( hopefully ) done, and it’s a time for us to focus on each other.
I love spending time with my best friend.
#2. Open Communication
I am one that LOVES to talk.
Those first few months taking care of a newborn was a big adjustment for me.
We had moved to a new area and I was trying to meet new people.
Some days it felt like I was cooped up and didn’t have any regular adult conversation.
With the exception of calling my mom, I didn’t have much interaction with any one.
My husband and I realized how important it was to talk openly throughout the night.
Even if my day consisted of a walk, maybe a shower, and a blowout or two, I would give my husband every detail.
This helped me to vent, relieve stress, and to rely solely on my husband which in turn kept our relationship strong.
#3. Date Night

Date night is sacred for my husband and I – It’s DATE NIGHT.

It is so important to have an evening without kids every now and again.

However, if we are not able to go out without the baby, we make an effort to make every Friday night special.

We make pizzas together, go on a picnic, rent a movie, play some pretty intense card games (we are both ridiculously competitive) ,
and find fun new things to do as a couple.
My family is the most important thing in the world to me.
However, I have realized that there are two parts:
My relationship with my husband
and our relationship as a family.
It is important to strengthen both.
Or as my husband would say “happy wife, happy life.”

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