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Good morning! Today we are excited to share a guest post from our sweet friend Amaris from Lovely Blonde Closet. She is seriously the cutest, so make sure to check out her life+style blog. She is a great source of inspiration for us and we hope she will be to you guys as well!


Tips for making time for yourself with a new baby:


One of the most common things I was told while expecting from almost every mama I encountered was that I could kiss any time for myself goodbye. I was also told that becoming a mama meant your whole life would change, for the better of course. Along with any change though, there are struggles and bumpy transitions, one of them being that your life is not just about you and your spouse anymore, you now have the responsibility of a tiny human life. I can honestly say that my whole motto throughout my pregnancy was that I wanted to have our baby, and instead of changing our entire lives for her, we could incorporate her into ours instead. This to me meant that we would still be able to do a lot of the things we loved while enjoying them with our newest tiny family member. Now I know this doesn’t sound all that realistic, but I promise you, it completely worked for us. Addi came with me everywhere in the beginning, within the first couple of weeks we would be out for walks, and to the mall. I never let myself sit at home and be alone and miserable just because I was a tired new mom. I went on mall dates with friends and my hubby, and I went for breakfast dates, and I went grocery shopping and did our normal life!

Our story was a little bit unique because my husband literally had four days off with us and went back to working 12+ hour days, six days a week in another city! I spent the first week alone with Addi, and it hit me then, that I really needed to remember my personal health and happiness in order to ensure Addi was taken care of to the best of my ability. This meant taking major advantage of all the amazing baby “tools” out there. A few that were lifesavers for me right from the get-go were the 4moms “mamaRu”, our baby bouncer and our Solly wrap (baby wearing was also a lifesaver!). I felt it was necessary to not be holding her 24/7 or it could be dangerous if she got too used to it, and I would get nothing done! So my first tip is to use all those hands-free tools they have out there for us mama’s – I personally found that the more I put Addi in them, and also because I did right from the start, she became quickly used to them and felt content sitting in them when I needed her to. I would sit her bouncer outside the shower and take a shower, and then while I got ready I would play music and she would sit beside me in her bouncer and watch or even sleep sometimes!

My second tip would be to get your little one on the best routine suited to your life as soon as possible! Those naps become SO important for you and baby. I was a little slow at doing this, but once I did it felt life changing. I just began by nap training, which in the beginning, I would only get about 45 minute stretches, but over a week they got to two-hour naps! And her bedtime routine also is what made her know that it was nighttime and she would be ready for a long stretch of sleep. Now I have Addi napping two two-hour naps, and a bedtime around 8pm! This leaves plenty of time for me to get a lot done and still spend time with my hubby! Although I usually have a crazy to-do list, I make sure at least one of those naps is dedicated to “me-time” which is usually things like lazing in bed catching up on some shows, online shopping, a quick mani, a bath etc. I make the best use of that time, and some days I even nap if I need to – don’t feel guilty, the dishes can wait, and the house will get cleaned eventually. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself!

My third and last tip is to take advantage of your hubby here and there for babysitting! If you can, step out once in a while even for just an hour for a pedi date, or coffee and grocery run without baby! This worked wonders for us, and I know my hubby appreciated that daddy-daughter time and her learned how to do so much with her on his own. We also just started leaving Addi with grandparents now that we have moved back home and are with our family again! This has felt refreshing for us as a couple to get out for a few date nights here and there.




It may seem impossible in the beginning, but once your iron our the kinks that all new mamas experience, and find a balanced routine that works for you, and your little babe, making time for yourself is doable! I hope a few of these tips can help – and remember that taking time for you is not selfish, but it is extremely important and benefits both you, your baby and your family as a whole. Remember that everyone’s experience is so unique, so try not to be hard on yourself – there have definitely been hard moments for me as a mama adjusting, but these few tips in these first six months of being a mama have helped me a ton personally! I try to enjoy each day as it comes, and remember to not wish away these moments with my little one as they are fleeting and it goes by so quickly, so enjoy this time as best as you can and taking a few moments for yourself is a way to do that.


Thanks for reading! xo

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