DIY: two wreaths for the season

If you guys know anything about us, you know we love the month of October.

We love Halloween.

We love scaring people.

We love costumes.

But mostly, we just love the candy.

Last year we threw the best Halloween party and had a blast doing it. It took us literally a week to set up because we transformed the entire house. Our husbands thought it was a little overboard, but us craft-lovin’ people thought it was amazing. Since we didn’t want to break the bank, and Halloween décor can be so expensive, we pretty much DIYed everything ourselves. It was so fun.

This year, we live 800 miles apart which means no awesome Halloween party to throw together. And no all night crafting. So, we decided to share some DIYs here with you guys instead!

Here are step by step instructions on how to make two different wreaths that will put you in the spirit of the season! Best part? It cost $30 to make both!

halloween wreath

1. Head to the local craft store. Pick up a foam wreath, tulle/fabric/yarn, a spool of coordinating ribbon and whatever trinkets you find to put on the wreath. I had every intention of using yarn for the wreath, but then I found this sparkly purple tulle on sale and loved it. Who can resist glitter?

2. If you buy yarn to wrap your wreath in, ignore this step. But if you buy fabric or tulle like I did, you will want to cut it into long strips to prevent bulky areas when you start wrapping. Also ignore the fact that I am using kitchen scissors.

3. Wrap the entire wreath in your material of choice. Use a hot glue gun to secure your material to the foam in several areas. Helpful hint: try and glue only on the back of the wreath if you use tulle so that the glue doesn’t seep through and show up where you don’t want it.

4.Arrange the items you want on the wreath. I bought this crow on clearance for $2 because it was missing a leg, but I loved it enough to take it home with me. Other ideas include: spiders, skulls, bones, letters to spell out Halloween words such as “spooky” or “boo”, etc. Next, secure items down with glue. All I needed was a couple dabs of hot glue in areas where the crow rested on the wreath, and another dab to glue on the leg!

5. I finished off the wreath with some coordinating ribbon I found. I don’t really have a tutorial for how I made the bow, I just kinda messed with the ribbon until I got it to look how I wanted. But if you want, I am sure there hundreds of tutorials on google to show you how to properly do it. Lastly, I secured the bow with some more hot glue.

6. Hang wreath on the door!

fall wreath

1. You will need wire, wire cutters and needle nose pliers.

2. Go to your local craft store and pick up a wreath like the one pictured, two yards of ribbon, and all the extras you want to pile on! Helpful hint: find ribbon that has wire in it to help it keep its shape!

3. Lay out all your “toppings” to get an idea of how you want the wreath to look. Then remove everything except the bottom layer.

4. Cut a 3 inch piece of wire and loop it around part of the wreath and part of the item you are securing down.

5. Grab the needle nose pliers and latch on the ends of the wire. Twist the pliers to tighten the wire down. Repeat this step as many times as necessary until the items are secure and don’t move. I think I used about two or three pieces of wire for each item I was putting on the wreath, just to give you an idea.

6. Continue to add items and secure them with wire.

7. Take your ribbon and manipulate it into a bow that you like. Again, I don’t have a tutorial for this because I just kind of made it up as I went.

8. Attach bow to wreath with wire.

9. Hang on door and enjoy all the way through Thanksgiving!

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