Meal time at our house is always a wild adventure. With a 1 1/2 year old, more spills and mess happen then I would like to admit. And when my husband feeds our son– the mess is even wilder it’s even wilder! As a parent, I am up for anything when it comes to keeping my son and his clothes clean. 

When I found these Sili Kids products I knew I had to get some. The sippy top and the silimap placemat seemed perfect and ever since they arrived meal time has been so much cleaner.




The siliskin sippy top helped a lot with the spilling. We make a lot of smoothies in our house because it is one of the only ways my son will eat vegetables (we have to sneak them in when we can)! These tops fit perfectly on our glasses and help prevent spills so that he can drink more of the smoothie instead of getting spinach and blueberries all over his shirt. It covers most standard size straight sided glass, plastic or metal cups with a diameter of 2-2.5 inches. The silicon helps grip the glass and keeps the top in place. They can be washed in the dishwasher and boiled to sterilize. These are also very handy to throw in your diaper bag when you are on the go.



The silimap placemat is also perfect when you are on the go. I’m sure many have experienced going to a restaurant and wishing you had brought something to put your children’s food on. This placemat is great because it folds up small so you can take it anywhere. The silicone helps it stay in place when your little one is eating and even though he’s young, I love the map of the United States! This product will be able to be a good teaching tool when he is older and– lets be honest, it’s nice for me too to brush up on my knowledge of the States! The mat can go in the dishwasher and be wiped clean.




Something we are looking forward to it being able to draw on this mat with a non-permant marker and then wiping it clean. Adler is a little young for that now but I know that will be a huge hit when he is older.

Meal time also isn’t complete without a cute bib. This one from our Summer ’15 line is on constant repeat at our house. We love this bib because it stays up high protecting his clothes from unwanted spills. It is also backed with a water-proof liner making sure that nothing get through. This is a life-saver at meal time.


Finding new products that make parenting a little easier is a big win for me. Meal time should be a time for interaction and family. Silikids products help you focus more on the together time and less on the mess.






Lovely Links

We thought it would be fun to put together a little list of links we are currently loving for you guys. Enjoy!


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What do you think about this article? Social media for your babies.

We couldn’t stop laughing at this.

If we were rich, we would buy this and never take it off. Perfect for this time of year.

Check out this creepy drink to serve at your halloween party.

Now that apples are in season, this recipe will be on our tables soon.

This is a cute last minute Halloween costume for you mommas.

Want something cute to collect your candy in this year? Check this out.

Have a great weekend! Xoxo

DIY: two wreaths for the season

If you guys know anything about us, you know we love the month of October.

We love Halloween.

We love scaring people.

We love costumes.

But mostly, we just love the candy.

Last year we threw the best Halloween party and had a blast doing it. It took us literally a week to set up because we transformed the entire house. Our husbands thought it was a little overboard, but us craft-lovin’ people thought it was amazing. Since we didn’t want to break the bank, and Halloween décor can be so expensive, we pretty much DIYed everything ourselves. It was so fun.

This year, we live 800 miles apart which means no awesome Halloween party to throw together. And no all night crafting. So, we decided to share some DIYs here with you guys instead!

Here are step by step instructions on how to make two different wreaths that will put you in the spirit of the season! Best part? It cost $30 to make both!

halloween wreath

1. Head to the local craft store. Pick up a foam wreath, tulle/fabric/yarn, a spool of coordinating ribbon and whatever trinkets you find to put on the wreath. I had every intention of using yarn for the wreath, but then I found this sparkly purple tulle on sale and loved it. Who can resist glitter?

2. If you buy yarn to wrap your wreath in, ignore this step. But if you buy fabric or tulle like I did, you will want to cut it into long strips to prevent bulky areas when you start wrapping. Also ignore the fact that I am using kitchen scissors.

3. Wrap the entire wreath in your material of choice. Use a hot glue gun to secure your material to the foam in several areas. Helpful hint: try and glue only on the back of the wreath if you use tulle so that the glue doesn’t seep through and show up where you don’t want it.

4.Arrange the items you want on the wreath. I bought this crow on clearance for $2 because it was missing a leg, but I loved it enough to take it home with me. Other ideas include: spiders, skulls, bones, letters to spell out Halloween words such as “spooky” or “boo”, etc. Next, secure items down with glue. All I needed was a couple dabs of hot glue in areas where the crow rested on the wreath, and another dab to glue on the leg!

5. I finished off the wreath with some coordinating ribbon I found. I don’t really have a tutorial for how I made the bow, I just kinda messed with the ribbon until I got it to look how I wanted. But if you want, I am sure there hundreds of tutorials on google to show you how to properly do it. Lastly, I secured the bow with some more hot glue.

6. Hang wreath on the door!

fall wreath

1. You will need wire, wire cutters and needle nose pliers.

2. Go to your local craft store and pick up a wreath like the one pictured, two yards of ribbon, and all the extras you want to pile on! Helpful hint: find ribbon that has wire in it to help it keep its shape!

3. Lay out all your “toppings” to get an idea of how you want the wreath to look. Then remove everything except the bottom layer.

4. Cut a 3 inch piece of wire and loop it around part of the wreath and part of the item you are securing down.

5. Grab the needle nose pliers and latch on the ends of the wire. Twist the pliers to tighten the wire down. Repeat this step as many times as necessary until the items are secure and don’t move. I think I used about two or three pieces of wire for each item I was putting on the wreath, just to give you an idea.

6. Continue to add items and secure them with wire.

7. Take your ribbon and manipulate it into a bow that you like. Again, I don’t have a tutorial for this because I just kind of made it up as I went.

8. Attach bow to wreath with wire.

9. Hang on door and enjoy all the way through Thanksgiving!

Guest Blogger: Amaris from Lovely Blonde Closet

Good morning! Today we are excited to share a guest post from our sweet friend Amaris from Lovely Blonde Closet. She is seriously the cutest, so make sure to check out her life+style blog. She is a great source of inspiration for us and we hope she will be to you guys as well!


Tips for making time for yourself with a new baby:


One of the most common things I was told while expecting from almost every mama I encountered was that I could kiss any time for myself goodbye. I was also told that becoming a mama meant your whole life would change, for the better of course. Along with any change though, there are struggles and bumpy transitions, one of them being that your life is not just about you and your spouse anymore, you now have the responsibility of a tiny human life. I can honestly say that my whole motto throughout my pregnancy was that I wanted to have our baby, and instead of changing our entire lives for her, we could incorporate her into ours instead. This to me meant that we would still be able to do a lot of the things we loved while enjoying them with our newest tiny family member. Now I know this doesn’t sound all that realistic, but I promise you, it completely worked for us. Addi came with me everywhere in the beginning, within the first couple of weeks we would be out for walks, and to the mall. I never let myself sit at home and be alone and miserable just because I was a tired new mom. I went on mall dates with friends and my hubby, and I went for breakfast dates, and I went grocery shopping and did our normal life!

Our story was a little bit unique because my husband literally had four days off with us and went back to working 12+ hour days, six days a week in another city! I spent the first week alone with Addi, and it hit me then, that I really needed to remember my personal health and happiness in order to ensure Addi was taken care of to the best of my ability. This meant taking major advantage of all the amazing baby “tools” out there. A few that were lifesavers for me right from the get-go were the 4moms “mamaRu”, our baby bouncer and our Solly wrap (baby wearing was also a lifesaver!). I felt it was necessary to not be holding her 24/7 or it could be dangerous if she got too used to it, and I would get nothing done! So my first tip is to use all those hands-free tools they have out there for us mama’s – I personally found that the more I put Addi in them, and also because I did right from the start, she became quickly used to them and felt content sitting in them when I needed her to. I would sit her bouncer outside the shower and take a shower, and then while I got ready I would play music and she would sit beside me in her bouncer and watch or even sleep sometimes!

My second tip would be to get your little one on the best routine suited to your life as soon as possible! Those naps become SO important for you and baby. I was a little slow at doing this, but once I did it felt life changing. I just began by nap training, which in the beginning, I would only get about 45 minute stretches, but over a week they got to two-hour naps! And her bedtime routine also is what made her know that it was nighttime and she would be ready for a long stretch of sleep. Now I have Addi napping two two-hour naps, and a bedtime around 8pm! This leaves plenty of time for me to get a lot done and still spend time with my hubby! Although I usually have a crazy to-do list, I make sure at least one of those naps is dedicated to “me-time” which is usually things like lazing in bed catching up on some shows, online shopping, a quick mani, a bath etc. I make the best use of that time, and some days I even nap if I need to – don’t feel guilty, the dishes can wait, and the house will get cleaned eventually. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself!

My third and last tip is to take advantage of your hubby here and there for babysitting! If you can, step out once in a while even for just an hour for a pedi date, or coffee and grocery run without baby! This worked wonders for us, and I know my hubby appreciated that daddy-daughter time and her learned how to do so much with her on his own. We also just started leaving Addi with grandparents now that we have moved back home and are with our family again! This has felt refreshing for us as a couple to get out for a few date nights here and there.




It may seem impossible in the beginning, but once your iron our the kinks that all new mamas experience, and find a balanced routine that works for you, and your little babe, making time for yourself is doable! I hope a few of these tips can help – and remember that taking time for you is not selfish, but it is extremely important and benefits both you, your baby and your family as a whole. Remember that everyone’s experience is so unique, so try not to be hard on yourself – there have definitely been hard moments for me as a mama adjusting, but these few tips in these first six months of being a mama have helped me a ton personally! I try to enjoy each day as it comes, and remember to not wish away these moments with my little one as they are fleeting and it goes by so quickly, so enjoy this time as best as you can and taking a few moments for yourself is a way to do that.


Thanks for reading! xo

Guest Post: Karina from Mr. &Mrs. Powell

Hey, Everyone! We have Karina here to guest post today, and we are so excited. She is definitely one mommy blog you want to check out. Her cute family and all their adventures always make for some good reading!

I am so honored to be guest posting today on As Darling Does!
I’m Karina from Mr. & Mrs. Powell.
I am wife and mommy to the two cutest boys and I LOVE my full time mommy job!
Making time for your spouse, or significant other, while balancing parenthood.
My husband and I were married for 2 years before our sweet little Ryan popped out of the womb!
Life became pretty busy when our bundle of joy came into the world!
My husband was in his second year of Law School and I was learning how to be a mother.
As I’m sure you moms can relate, sleep is hard to come by with a newborn :)
My husband and I quickly realized we didn’t get as much “mommy and daddy time”.
My life was revolved around keeping this little guy alive and my husbands life was revolved around keeping our future alive ( grad school ).
Here are 3 things that I have found that have kept our relationship strong through the whole parenting process.
#1. Mommy and Daddy time
My husband and I starting using the phrase “Mommy and Daddy Time”.
This is a phrase that is used DAILY in the Powell home.
Ever since Ryan was little we have tried to keep a schedule with his bedtime and put him to bed early.
Don’t get me wrong we love our child, but “mommy and daddy time” trumps all.
We look forward to it every day and we plan on it.
Phones are off, work and homework is ( hopefully ) done, and it’s a time for us to focus on each other.
I love spending time with my best friend.
#2. Open Communication
I am one that LOVES to talk.
Those first few months taking care of a newborn was a big adjustment for me.
We had moved to a new area and I was trying to meet new people.
Some days it felt like I was cooped up and didn’t have any regular adult conversation.
With the exception of calling my mom, I didn’t have much interaction with any one.
My husband and I realized how important it was to talk openly throughout the night.
Even if my day consisted of a walk, maybe a shower, and a blowout or two, I would give my husband every detail.
This helped me to vent, relieve stress, and to rely solely on my husband which in turn kept our relationship strong.
#3. Date Night

Date night is sacred for my husband and I – It’s DATE NIGHT.

It is so important to have an evening without kids every now and again.

However, if we are not able to go out without the baby, we make an effort to make every Friday night special.

We make pizzas together, go on a picnic, rent a movie, play some pretty intense card games (we are both ridiculously competitive) ,
and find fun new things to do as a couple.
My family is the most important thing in the world to me.
However, I have realized that there are two parts:
My relationship with my husband
and our relationship as a family.
It is important to strengthen both.
Or as my husband would say “happy wife, happy life.”

Guest post: Natalie from Style Stun

Our first guest blog post! We are thrilled to have the gorgeous Natalie from Style Stun here. Not only is she a great momma but she has great style, so go check her out. You will not be disappointed! So without further ado, here is Natalie.

Getting dressed, for you…

When I became a momma, (seriously the best thing in the world), I realized just how much I gave to my baby girl..It’s not a regular job, where you do what needs to be done and then you break. It hits you hard and fast when you have that little angel, that they need you for everything in the world and for a long time too. In reality, this is the greatest worth of time spent than in any other avenue.

When Ryan and I moved to Northern California for his internship we left Utah with a 6 week old. For anyone who has had a baby, this is super new especially it being the first baby I had. I was in one 4 credit class through the summer while I had my little newborn and we lived in a brand new, never before experienced area, where we had no one we knew within hours. So as a new momma coming into this with a lot on her plate, you can see how easy it was not to go out and not to get dressed. I literally didn’t know where to go or who to see or what things were even available to me.

I would help my little angel all morning, still in pajamas, and then go right into homework, still in pajamas, while I still was taking care of my baby, and then all of the sudden it would be time for dinner and Ry would be coming home soon..

Most days I literally thought, why should I get dressed or do makeup and hair, if I literally have nothing else going on today besides being at home?? But I noticed a pattern with this state of mind that started to spiral me downward into a depression that was beginning. I really didn’t want to feel sad or depressed, but I felt it coming. So, I talked to my Ry about what I was feeling and he helped me sort through some good options of looking forward to things out and about instead of having nothing. I started to get dressed, hair done and makeup every single day. I did it even if I literally had no plans. After so much thought of getting dressed for going no where and feeling like it would be worthless, I started to get ready every day for me. For me as a mommy and a wife. Because I realized that as I started to get dressed every day for me, I was ready for more opportunities, I felt like a better mommy and wife and I was ready to go out or have someone over, because I was feeling presentable and up for anything.

This skill I learned I have taken with me since. I have seen the joy and blessing it has been and more get done because I realized how valuable it was for me to feel good. The joy of getting me ready and getting Aliah ready too, has become my favorite part of our day. We connect through it and I find so much joy in it. I get so excited about how I get her dressed and done up with me for every new day. I have never felt more joy in anything else in life than in being a wife and mommy. Aliah is the joy of our lives and has brought us more happiness than we could have imagined. So really the effort and work becomes the joy! Get dressed for you. And love it.

Hello, world.

So, we decided to start a blog over here at As Darling Does.

And we are so, so excited!

We thought this would be a great way to have more meaningful interactions with our customers, as well as share with you guys some of our favorite things. We will be discussing everything from baby food to momma fashion. So, please, follow along. We’re glad you are here!

To start off, we thought we would better introduce ourselves. There has been a lot of questioning about who actually runs this little corner of the internet we call our shop, so without further ado, here is our grand introduction.


Kristen is there on the right.
Hubby: Bryce
Baby: Avery
Location: Utah
Degree: Communications

That’s Jaycee on the left.
Hubby: William
Baby: Claire
Location: Washington
Degree: Dental Hygiene

Several years ago, when we we’re still in college and sans babies (actually, we were pretty much babies ourselves at the time) we met through our husbands. Through the years, we have been close. Maybe an unhealthy amount of close? Talking to each other five times a day is normal… Right? Anyway, we’ve been best friends since.

One night, after a quick run to the local craft store, we had a crazy idea to start a business. We knew that we wanted to do it together. I mean, how many people get to work with their best friend? Even though we were soon separated by a move, we jumped in head first. It’s been almost a year since then and we have been working so hard to make As Darling Does what it is today.

So there you have it, an ultra condensed introduction to the two behind the shop and now, the blog.